Lost Identity?

I’ve lost my SOS Talisman Identity Bracelet.  I was having one of those days where my brain wasn’t quite connecting with my body.  A few weeks ago I went to the Relaxation Centre which is the most AMAZING place to go to relax.  Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Sauna, Hot Tub, a lounge to have a little snooze in, Meditation Garden….  Anyway.  I went in the Sauna (yes, I do go into sauna’s but I only for 10minutes max)  and realised that my SOS bracelet was getting a bit hot so took it off and put in the pocket of my robe.   When I gave the robe back I had a ‘uh’ moment – I stopped, stared into space for a minute trying to work out what my body was telling me – it came out as ‘Key’ That’s ok I know I left the locker key in the locker and left.  It was only a few hours later that I realised what my body was trying to tell me.


I’d left my Talisman bracelet in the pocket of the robe I gave back.

I phoned the Centre, but it hadn’t turned up, I tried their laundry services but again it hadn’t turned up.  It’s now 3 weeks and to be honest I’m not too worried about not wearing it, but should I be?

The reason why I started wearing one is to obviously let people know if I was ever in an accident where I was unconscious or couldn’t speak that there in that little capsule attached to the chain around my wrist all my medical details can be found, what meds I take, all the surgery history, blood group, Dr, next of kin etc, etc.  Also to let people know that I’m very, very allergic to Penicillin. (Told you I was bloody awkward – see the Science blog to see just how)

It was on the advice of my Cardiologist after being thrown from a horse that I should start wearing one if I was going to do this sort of thing…..

Now I’m thinking am I really going to be doing that sort of thing again?  I’ve not ridden a horse for 13years, I doubt I will ever do Go Ape again – that was amazing fun, but so knackering, I don’t really want to Kayak 12 miles up the river Wye in a strong head wind, capsize, get in and carry on. I did it that once and I know when I’m beaten.

I guess I’m wondering if my ‘action girl’ days are now over, and losing this bracelet has made me think about this. Have I lost that bit of edginess, that willingness to try most things once, is it age or a fear of my CHD dictating to me that I really shouldn’t be attempting to learn how to Surf or go Quad Biking? I wonder if this indecision, this pondering will now become second nature as I get older, will I get used to it? Is it part or will it become part of my Identity?

 It’s not that I don’t want to try these things; it’s just that it will cost me in the days following the event.  It was hard enough taking three master classes in bellydance over a weekend I was wiped out for a few days after.  I’ve said earlier in my blogs that I am reaching out to opportunities that I think are rightfully mine, but really at 44 years of age do I really want to be hanging off a zip wire 80ft up……. HELL YEAH!!! (…..Well maybe not 80ft up)

I suppose I go buy a new bracelet then…….



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