Little Beats…..

I thought I was too busy to write this  week as I was away yesterday, but I have just made myself the most amazing Blueberry and Raspberry Smoothie!!!  I am very satisfied with it. It has brightened my day.

And that got me thinking about the little things…. you know….. How much I am pleased by the smoothie that I have made.

And then I thought about Heart Mammi’s blog, The link to it is below, I’m just not techie enough to do a full on blog to blog link, but please go to her latest posts which is all about her experiences as a mummy of a baby with CHD.  Martha Grace has just had her second OHS. Her latest blog is all about Martha’s teeny tiny baby steps to recovery.

It’s the little things that can sometimes mean the most…… yes?

Gemma and Martha I am thinking of you both.


2 thoughts on “Little Beats…..

  1. Only just seen this lovely – I wasn’t following twitter or anything properly back in November and December. Thank you for thinking about us. Seems like so long ago now xx

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