I’ve been nominated for the #IceBucketChallenge, it had to come sooner or later, I mean, I knock around with a bunch of Thespians for fun, I have nutters for mates and one very definite nutter in my family…. my brother.

He took his challenge wearing his partner’s bikini….. lovely.  Another mate upped the ante and wore a skimpy negligee…. cross dressing and soaking – great go for it!

So why am I feeling un-enthusiastic about chucking a bucket of cold water over my head….what is it that jarrs?

I’ve sat and thought about this for a while, chatted my self into a corner and still the answer is the same, sorry guys to piss on your parade but I’m not going to do it.

The fact that I can just donate my cash to the worthy causes of ALS/Water Aid/Macmillan Cancer Appeal quietly and without much fuss appeals more.

WHAT is wrong with ME???

I would have jumped at the chance to do this a few years ago, drawing attention to myself and a worthy cause….

But, what am I saying, by tipping a bucket of ice-cold water over my head? The first person who thought of this – great, you’ve got my attention, what a great cause you are donating too, and yep, to the second and third, but my whole time line on my Facebook page is made up of shrieking friends and family happily wasting water, and maybe that’s another rub??

The fact that water is precious commodity in some areas of the world also concerns me, in fact, in my chat myself into a corner thinking – I came up with a plan.  If I was going to do this I would have used the water collected in the garden water-butt – not clean out of a tap water but recycled rain with the odd dead insect floating in it…. if it was several degrees warmer than it has been this week, I probably would have done it.  Tonight as I stare out of my window writing this, it is pissing down with rain….. Hoorah, no need for buckets of iced water I can go stand out in it, the little weather people in the sky are providing the water for me to get soaked, feel vindicated and still I can donate to a worthy cause…hoorah!

Maybe, we’ve become too safe…. maybe tipping buckets of water over our heads is our own personal journey to challenge ourselves; do something different, fight the fear, remind us that we are human, that we feel, that it’s an escape from our everyday lives.  hundreds of years ago, we were fighting to survive now that we have sanitation, homely comforts, jobs, financial stability, the bucket challenge is away of connecting ourselves to our fight or flight instinct.  Complete the challenge Grasshopper, face your fear and do it…… (1970’s TV reference there…)

Maybe I’m a little bit envious too, because in my sensible old age I realise that doing this probably isn’t good for my health.  Again, if the weather was into the late 20C I may want to cool myself down, provide a laugh to my mates and donate to a worthy cause all in one go, I would be tempted, but it’s not.  It’s bloody miserable out there, it has been for most of this week.  I’m in a particularly stressful time of my life (having to move house again!) and I have to be sensible.  Boring bloody sensible.  I can’t risk catching a chill, for it to turn into something coldy for it to hit my chest and then I’m laid up with a chest infection at the same time as working and moving house.

My mum had the same idea…. she phoned me up after seeing my brother’s exploits and the nomination I received from him.  “I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to do that.” she said. “Specially with what you’ve got ‘wrong‘ with you.” She continued.

That in itself was enough for me to want to find the nearest bucket, ice cubes and water and tip it over my head at least twice, but then I think that’s saying more about me than the need to donate to charity……



2 thoughts on “#IceBucketChallenge……

  1. You have said what probably quite a few people have not had the guts too …. me included sadly! I also don’t feel the need to upload a video of me with water thrown over my head … I donate to the charities that resonate with me and don’t make a fuss about it. Besides I have enough antics to write about without adding this one to it 🙂

    • Indeed you do Sue, indeed you do!!! I think you should start a blog on your antics!
      I do get what it’s all trying to say, and it does look fun, maybe in a few months when every ones forgotten about it I may surprise you all…… 😉

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